Welding system is a product that allows scaling welding process. In a nutshell, this boils down to allowing one welder to control many welding machines in parallel. The story began with talking to Arkadiusz - the author and founder of the idea. We've quickly discovered the product through engaging workshops. The process was first described using Event Storming and later on - Event Modeling - to gather more detailed requirements of the system. Since all the UI and information were visually available and clear for the founder, he was able to conceptualize an outcome - the running system. Having precise requirements allowed us to focus on the most important parts of the system and control any possible risk with ease. Integration with Jira was extremely helpful while dealing with it.
As you can see, it is easy to understand which parts of the story should be delivered in the right order. In addition to that, the planning finally didn't require anybody to go through lists nor spreadsheets of tasks. We could easily understand which exact story needed to be delivered first in the right order. After 1-2h planning, the team could begin to implement the matter. With Modellution, we got rid of rewriting repetitive code snippets, that now could be easily generated. As a team, we based our conventions on templates, so we could easily generate boilerplate code. The developer's job was only to implement the logic behind the chosen actions and implement frontend parts.
As our work continued, more slices of the product were visually delivered to the Client. Some though, required little tweaks, like fixing missing properties. This was a rare case, but because of upfront modeling, it sometimes happened. In that kind of situation, we could easily apply fixes in our code with one click.
By using Modellution, the communication with our Client became a lot smoother. Our team was focused on solving the problems that mattered so that the tech jargon became disposable. We've centered our attention even more because understanding the plan scenarios became easier. Through integration with Jira, we didn't have to waste additional time on updating the sheets and UserStory statuses. Repetitive code activities were as well automated so that developers could pay more attention to the logic behind the code. All changes we've made were easily adapted due to the help of the IDE plugin. To deliver a high-quality product we needed to improve our velocity in cases like code-writing and communication with our Client. We did that by using Modellution. By adding some automation, we've delivered a working MVP within a month and the product could be marketed, sold, and later used in production.


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